UF Policy Regarding Credit Transfers

Only graduate (5000-7999) level work to the extent of 9 semester credits, earned with a grade of A, A-, B+, or B, may be transferred from an institution approved by the Graduate School. Credits transferred from other universities will be applied toward meeting the degree requirements but the grades earned will not be computed in the student’s grade point average. Acceptance of transfer credit requires approval of the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) for Art Education, and the Dean of the Graduate School. Petitions for transfer of credit for a master’s degree must be made during the student’s first term of enrollment in the Graduate School, or upon acceptance into the graduate program. Transferred credits must fall within the 7-year timeframe allowed for completing a master’s degree; any exceptions must be approved by petition to the UF Graduate School.

Art Education-Specific Policies

Courses being considered for credit transfer may fulfill studio and/or elective requirements. Art Education "core courses" (those with the course prefix ARE) are generally not transferable and must be taken through the UF program. Exceptions would be considered if the transfer courses in question were taken at a comparable institution to UF.


  1. During your first semester in the program, notify the DGS for Art Education that you have earned graduate credit that you would like evaluated for transfer. Please also notify Phillip Klepacki in the College of The Arts Office of Graduate Admissions & Academic Programs (pklepacki@arts.ufl.edu), so that the necessary forms can be prepared on your behalf.
  2. Identify which courses you would like considered for evaluation, and provide the following items supporting your request:
    • Transcripts showing the course number, title, semester/year, and grade earned (these will be provided by COTA Graduate Admissions & Academic Programs);
    • A copy of the course syllabus;
    • The course description (if not included within the syllabus);
    • Samples of work on a CD or DVD that fulfilled the course requirements.
  3. The Art Education faculty will review your materials and determine which (if any) of your requested credits can be transferred toward your UF degree.
  4. The faculty will forward your request to the Graduate School for final approval, after which the approved credits will appear on your UF transcript.

Submit your supporting documentation (items 2b-d) to COTA Graduate Admissions & Academic Programs:

Graduate Admissions & Academic Programs
College of The Arts, attn.: Phillip Klepacki
PO Box 115800
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL 32611-5800

Important Notes About Transferred Courses: