Craig Roland

Before coming to the University of Florida, Dr. Roland taught Art Education classes at Eastern Illinois University and Purdue University. Prior to his university career, Dr. Roland taught K-12 art classes at The American Foundation of Monterrey, Mexico and at Shawnee Middle School in Lima Ohio.

For over three decades now, Dr. Roland been exploring ways of using new technologies to support, enhance and transform teaching and learning in the art classroom. This pursuit has led him at different times to focus on the World Wide Web, videoconferencing, MUVEs, e-mail, instant messaging and listservs to deliver art instruction at a distance and to promote collaborative learning in and between art classrooms. The culmination of this work was the publication of a textbook titled The Art Teacher’s Guide to the Internet, published by Davis Publications in 2005.

Dr. Roland’s current research revolves around the use of social media in art education, and in particular a social network called Art Education 2.0 ( that he started in 2007 to connect art classrooms around the globe and provide ways for art teachers and students in different geographical locations to work together on shared artistic and educational goals. In seven years, this network has grown to nearly 14,000 members and has become the preeminent online site for art teachers seeking innovative classroom ideas, useful curriculum resources and professional dialogue.

From 2006 to 2010, Dr. Roland wrote a monthly column focusing on technology use in the art classroom for SchoolArts Magazine. Other publications related to his research include ‘Preparing Art Teachers to Teach in a New Digital Landscape’ in the January 2010 issue of Art Education journal and a chapter titled Distance Learning and Art Education in the National Art Education Association publication New Technologies in Art Education (1997).  In 2014, Dr. Roland received the Outstanding Community Service Award from the Art Education Technology group of the National Art Education Association for his development and promotion of the Art Education 2.0 network. In 2013, he received the Kathy Connors Teaching Award from the National Art Education Association Women’s Caucus for excellence in teaching, mentoring, and collaboration.  In 2007, Dr. Roland received the Scholarship of Engagement Award for the UF College of Education for contributions to the field of art education and beyond. In 2004, Dr. Roland was selected at the UF College of the Arts’ Teacher of the Year and in 1997 he received a Distinguished Service Award from the Florida Art Education Association.

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