Jodi Kushins, Ph.D.

Dr. Jodi Kushins grew up, was educated, and taught high school on the East coast before making her way to the Midwest for doctoral studies in art education at The Ohio State University. In previous faculty positions she taught courses on a range of contemporary issues in art education, supervised pre-service art educators, and introduced elementary classroom teachers to arts-based learning. She has also worked as an educational consultant in a variety of cultural organizations including The Columbus Museum of Art, the Dublin Arts Council, The Wexner Center for the Arts, and The Little Minyan.

Jodi’s passions lie in art education outside school walls; in museums, community centers, home studios, gardens, and laundromats. In such endeavors she finds synergy between her interests in socially engaged and participatory creative practices, the artist as public intellectual, and the art educator as community activist. She is also engaged in explorations of artful parenting, the picturebook as art object, and the convergence of contemporary craft and social networking.

Teaching online has had a profound impact on Jodi’s understanding of what it means to work as a scholar in the 21st century. She writes regularly about her discoveries on her professional blog: Art Education Outside the Lines. Additional publications available online include the following articles: Recognizing Artists as Public Intellectuals and I’m Not Really a Chaplain, I Just Play One to Pay the Bills.

Jodi believes that being an art educator isn’t just a job; it’s a lifestyle. One she embraces equally in her work typing Socratic-style questions in response to student work and in leading friends and family in creative activities.