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The University of Florida online Master of Arts in Art Education program offers a supportive community of peers and faculty. While engaged in a high-tech, high-touch educational environment, with rich studio experiences in traditional and digital media, you can expect a high-level of interaction and robust online discussions with peer and professor group collation.

The advantages of pursuing your degree online means that you are able to determine when and where you do your work. You will collaborate with your peers to complete projects and share real-world experiences that enrich your understanding of the course content—all in a virtual classroom. Our online delivery methods allow you to log on when it’s most convenient for you.

Art teachers are in a rare position to shape a student’s technical development as well as encourage their creativity, engage their critical thinking, and support their desire to seek and embrace innovation. With this influence comes the responsibility to provide students with a supportive environment that builds confidence in their distinct talents while preparing them for real world art applications. As with most fields, the art community is continually evolving to accommodate the demands of society. In turn, today’s art classroom presents a set of unique challenges that require art teachers to apply a more current skill set and take a creative, proactive approach to art education. This translates to the methods in which educators communicate and collaborate with students as well.

Through the Master’s in Art Education program, art teachers are able to build on existing knowledge and classroom expertise, while learning and executing innovative teaching methodologies and curriculum mapping strategies. Art teachers will be able to translate these invaluable experiences to their own classroom by expressing the importance of digital media and exploring interconnectivity between classrooms around the globe. This fresh perspective will also prepare art teachers to embrace the transforming art community with ever-evolving use of the Internet and digital media.

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